Alan Calder: James MacLaren, Arts and Crafts Pioneer

The definitive study of the life and achievements of James M MacLaren is Alan Calder's monograph: James MacLaren, Arts and Crafts Pioneer (2003), published by Shaun Tyas, 1 High Street, Donington, Lincolnshire PE11 4TA - ISBN 1 900289 62 8.

Alan Calder is an architect specialising in historic building work in Oxford and the Cotswolds. His writings on the architects and architecture of the Arts and Crafts Movement at the end of the nineteenth century have been widely published. His particular interest in James MacLaren dates back to 1973 when he became fascinated by the Fortingall buildings as an architectural student. He curated the James MacLaren Centenary Exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London in 1990. His thirty year study of MacLaren culminated in the publication of this book to celebrate the 150th anniversary of MacLaren's birth.

With the publication of the book and the resulting critical acclaim, James MacLaren has finally taken his rightful place as a leading pioneer of the progressive wing of the Arts and Crafts Movement.